Transmedia Storytelling: Where Old Media and New Media Collide Essay

Transmedia Storytelling: Where Old Media and New Media Collide Essay

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The aim of this project is to investigate the ability of co-participatory transmedia storytelling technology to be used for persuasion and changing the "smart mob" behavior.
It is very simple and very difficult to convince human in something. Simply, if you use all the achievements of social psychology and marketing in the field of propaganda, manipulation of public opinion, etc. Difficult, if you act within the principles of democracy, leaving behind every person the right to thinking and decision-making. However, even forced beliefs and stereotypes do not always guarantee the actualization of the desired behavior. Especially if changes of behavior patterns require not only a change of attitude to a particular problem, but everyday special efforts, material costs, changing of habits. Thus, we have the paradoxical result that to convince people to change their habits for the sake of some humanitarian goals such as environmental safety or social tolerance, is far more problematic than for destructive goals and behavior. Therefore, effective persuasion of people to change their behavior patterns on pro-ecological that is not contradict democracy, requires the development of unconventional and creative strategies and techniques of persuasion.
The basis of such strategies can be put the idea of self-organizing of "smart mob". Due to enhanced use of social networking last decade, the "smart mob" shows in various parts of the world the extraordinary examples of pro-social behavior of large groups of people (for example ). At the same time, the feature of such self-organizing groups is that people not only massively gather to support some ideas, but really ready to change actively their behavior to support these ideas, situa...

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...ed. One is on the base of case-study analysis and four articles are on the base of experiments results. In addition, participation in professional conferences is planned.

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