Essay about Translating Research into Practice

Essay about Translating Research into Practice

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A financial burden such as the cost of medication can cause decreased compliance, increased complications and sometimes death . In 2005, a national study showed that 90 percent of the elderly take up to five prescription drug medications daily, thus, placing a tremendous financial burden on the elderly causing the decrease in dose or the refusal to get the prescription filled (Safran et al, 2005). The cost of medication on the elderly has been identified before, however, little has been done to assist the elderly in this endeavor. The purpose of this paper is to identify 3 best practice interventions to assist the elderly with medication cost and enhance compliance.
Identifying Problem
In 2005, twenty-six percent of seniors reported cost, as the reason for not filling prescriptions, the went without food to afford the prescription, they skipped or cut back on the medication doses to make the prescription last longer ( Safran et al, 2005). Seniors with low income and chronic illnesses were equal in relation to cost noncompliance, however those without medication coverage scored higher than both of those categories (Safran et al, 2005). This was before the Medicare coverage prescription drug plan was in place, but studies have shown little has improved over the years. The rate of cost noncompliance remained the same, but a reduction in forgoing basic necessities was improved (Madden et al, 2008). Home Health nursing places this issue at the forefront of caring for the elderly. Several large pharmacy chains have attempted to lower the cost of medication, however, doctors continue to prescribe medication that are too expensive for the patients to obtain. This nurse’s concern is when the patient stops taking the ...

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Sharkey, J. R., Ory, M. G., & Browne, B. A. (2005). Determinants of self management strategies to reduce out-of-pocket prescription medication expense in homebound older people. The Geriatrics Society, 53(4), 664-674.
Spinewine, A., Schmader, K. E., Barber, N., Hughes, C., Lapane, K. L., Swine, C., et al. (2007). Appropriate prescribing in elderly people: how well can it be measured and optimised? Lancet, 370(9582), 173-184.

Tseng, C., Dudley, R. A., Brook, R. H., Keeler, E., Steers, W. N., Alexander, G. C., et al. (2007). Elderly patients' preference and experiences with providers in managing their drug cost.

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