Transition From High School At College Essay

Transition From High School At College Essay

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Transition from High School to College
Everyone faces challenges throughout their lives, whether they are small challenges or big challenges we still have to go through them and learn from them. In high school, just like most of high school students, I was comfortable with my parents helping me to make decisions and deciding on everything that was going on in my life. Although I was a senior in high school I would let my parents do everything for me, and they would help me do things like applying to colleges and helping me do laundry. The transition from high school to college was a difficult step in my life because I faced challenges such as time management, being on a budget, and having more responsibility.
Time management is one of the greatest skills you need to develop while being in college. Being able to manage my time is something that I had trouble with while transitioning from high school to college. Last semester I was on the soccer team so I had to learn how to manage my time. I would have classes early in the morning, but then I had to get ready for soccer practice after my classes were done. Some days I would even have class after my soccer practice was over. I could not manage my time, so I had difficulty with my academic workload. On the weekends we would have games, but I did not do my homework before going to the games. I thought that we would be back at a certain time and I’d be able to just finish up my homework then. At a certain point my academic workload was too much for me, so I had to figure out a plan on how I could manage my time better. I came up with the idea of doing my work two days before it was due, so that way I would not worry about it later on since I had games.
Another challenged I faced ...

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... to class. In high school if you missed class, usually the teacher would have the worksheets ready for you the next day.
As a result from all of these obstacles I learned how to manage my time wisely, take care of the budget that I had for the semester, and take on the responsibilities of being an adult. As college students we tend to think that college will be the best time of our lives. Even though that may be true for a lot of students there are certain challenges that we will have to face throughout college. The transition from high school to college is not the same for everyone. I faced different challenges that I was not ready to take on, but I had to adjust to make sure that I was still doing well with my academics and soccer while still being able to have a social life. What challenges will you be ready to face as you transition from high school to college?

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