Transition For All Children Entering High School Essay

Transition For All Children Entering High School Essay

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Transition for all children entering high school is a major event that comes with different emotions however transition for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) comes with an enormous amount of stress. According to Fortuna (2014) Adolescents with ASD transition process is even more difficult, due to their inherent social and communication skills. Furthermore crafting a comprehensive school based intervention designed in a way that is effective with strong evidence of producing is lacking (Kucharczyk et al., 2015). A study conducted to explore the context, deliberation, and complexities associated with delivering intervention to meet the need of high school student with ASD consulted practitioners, parents, students, and key stakeholders to come up with a plan for children with ASD to be successful while in high school (Kucharczyk et al., 2015). Furthermore focus groups were set up and asked educators, administrators, and related service providers within the community to speak professionally to the importance of a comprehensive plan on transition into secondary schools (Hedges et al., 2014). Stakeholders believe the transition from primary to secondary school is not only a major event for students however parents as well (Hannah & Topping, 2013). A study on the perspective of students with ASD and their parents revealed that educators should view children as key stakeholders and believed the children’s views provided a more holistic picture of educational practices (Hannah & Topping, 2013). The emotional toll transitioning into high school has on the student with ASD suggested that the parent’s perspective is an important element, the strong interest in their child’s welfare provides information from an ...

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...dent and the parents can hinder the relationship with educators which creates more cost in a system that is already receiving limited funds (Hedges et al., 2014). According to Van Steensel, Dirksen, & Bogel (2013) ASD is associated with high healthcare cost and societal cost problem for the parents and child.
This report will focus on how key stakeholders can come together to develop a transition plan that will meet the needs of students with ASD. The transition plan should include how individual with ASD can deal with social situations, communication impairment, and the problems that come with change (Hannah & Topping, 2012). In addition Educators concern about students with ASD needs not being met and Parent’s increased anxiety when it time to transition into high school are also important in preparing a plan in transitioning students with ASD in to high school.

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