The Transition Between High School Education Environments At A College Level Environment

The Transition Between High School Education Environments At A College Level Environment

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The transition between a high school education environments to a college level environment, can be a challenge for a high percentage of first year students due to the disadvantages of each individual school systems focus on learning, and the determination of the student themselves. It requires an individual to adjust from the focus of a teacher centered learning to include learner centered environments together in a whole, improve the communication between the student and professor; compared to a student and high school teacher’s lack of communication, and to improve strategies to combine their time management with each individual course into their outside lives. When going through the quick paced transition from high school, institute, and then to a college, I have found that each school requires different strategies of classwork done while in different environments; this makes it challenging to adjust life around the hours needed for everyday life and school work over time.
During my final days as a senior in high school I made preparations to peruse continuing my education, from looking at different colleges, taking the required testing (SAT/ACT), and also focusing on which school would benefit me and my career choice. Many of my classmates decided to take a year, two years, or more off between going back into school. Statistically, the immediate college enrollment, which is when students transition to a 2-4 year college after high school graduation immediately. The enrollment rate increased 60 percent in 1990 to 66 percent in 2013, however, the rate decreased in recent years- down from 70 percent in 2009 (Fast Facts).
Throughout my years in school, I have always been taught in my classroom environment in the “Teacher- Center...

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...ubject. The thing that was most challenging to me transitioning from high school to a college environment was my lack of my time management, along with not getting enough sleep between work, school, my extracurricular, and study time. This all lead to lack of sleep, exhaustion, and even a large amount of un-necessary stress. Though over time I began to master the things that gave me so much trouble, and with communication with my professors, advisor, and family, I began to improve slowly. I switched from working full time, to part-time, giving me more time for classes, study while in-between breaks at work and at quiet moments. Scheduling parts of the day after classes for re-reading assignments, helped with not forgetting the material that I had just learned. This all has proven to help in improve my grades, quality of life, and create a stress free environment.

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