The Transition Between High School And College Is Sudden, Stressful, And Intimidating

The Transition Between High School And College Is Sudden, Stressful, And Intimidating

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The transition between high school to college is sudden, stressful, and intimidating. Although I am not truly in college, I have chosen to enhance my curriculum by taking a college writing class as a senior. Writing has always been one of my strengths since I come from a household of english majors. However, writing has never been a passion of mine and in result I would write just to complete the assignment instead of truly diving deep into the subject. Nevertheless, from the beginning of this course I have been pushed to enhance my writing past the point of completing the assignment. While reading over my many rough drafts, I begin to ask myself how do I take my writing to the next step? Throughout the past nine weeks I have not only learned how to enhance my sentences and evidence in a meaningful way, but also how to create effective transitions.
Up until a couple months ago, I struggled with creating sentences that flow in a purposeful manner. I would read my paper to myself and think the words flowed fine. However, when I would edit my peers papers I noticed their sentences would flow much better than mine. Our sentences would have the same exact point but, their sentences seemed to lack awkwardness. In my first week essay, I had sentences such as, “No one ever says it’s okay if we slack off in school because we will still be successful” that are bland and awkward. The sentence is clearly lacking importance that every sentence needs. Mrs. Toombs suggested to “have someone read aloud my paper” to me so I can pick up on the issues my sentences possessed (Toombs). Now, due to much work on rewording my sentences, I have shown growth in my level of writing. In my reading response essay, I take a sentence that was once incoherent...

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...r the past nine weeks tremendously. Improvement comes with every single new draft and correction that is created. Even though this may be very time consuming I have learned that it is also very rewarding. In result, I have learned to manage my time instead of procrastinating since I know the longer I spend on a paper the better it will be. I spend time making every sentence flow by reading my paper aloud or having someone else read my paper to me. I also make sure the evidence I want to use is evenly distributed throughout my own words. Lastly, I will look up transition words to use throughout my paragraphs to further help my sentences flow together. Although I still have many more improvements to make, I have improved my writing exceedingly throughout the first half of this course and will continue to work hard to improve my writing further as I complete the course.

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