Transhumanism: The Final Evolutionay Step Essay examples

Transhumanism: The Final Evolutionay Step Essay examples

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Transhumanism or scientific human modification could be the single most important breakthrough in the history of mankind. The ability to enhance human intellect and change a human being both physically and or psychologically has been the goal of mankind since the dawn of time. The ramifications of allowing a human being to become god like could be catastrophic, but the goal of human evolution has always been to advance the human race in whatever way possible. Thanks to the ability of human beings to alter themselves through genetics, Nano-technology, and through the use of artificial intelligence they are at the onset of allowing themselves to live healthy lives possibly forever. Another of the benefits for trans-humanism is the possibility for human beings to improve the entire field of medicine through technology. Thirdly, the ability to allow something with super-human intelligence to control the outcome of humanity is always falsely viewed as a detriment to the human race.
Advancement of the human race through technology is the goal of evolution and is the reason human beings are on earth. The ability to allow future generations to reach their full potential through technology should be the goal of all human beings. The two main criticisms to this argument are, first it is considered unnatural, and secondly it is considered to be “playing god”. Transhumanists dismiss the claim of unnatural because most of what human beings do with any technology is unnatural, yet these uses are accepted as benefits, not harms (Post, 2004). As for the second concern most transhumanists consider themselves agnostics or atheists so playing god is not a legitimate concern for them. The issue is one of great concern to people...

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