Transgender Identity And The Transgender Community Essay

Transgender Identity And The Transgender Community Essay

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The transgendered bodies, among other bodies, are an inseparable identity of humanity. Despite of the history of the transgendered bodies began in 1755, when the first openly lesbian and transgender woman came out by publishing her autobiography, (Allen 2008) the society that we’re living in is still having a rather difficult time on embracing the identity truly and fully. Though the growing attention towards transgendered bodies nowadays is making some significant progresses, the transgender community is still suffering extreme pressure from society. Transgender can be defined in two ways: one is the most common understanding, which is moving across genders; the other one is to transcend or to live beyond gender. (Ekins & King, 580) What puts the transgender community to suffer is the transition: it is both physical and psychological, the pain and confusion that it brings, in some aspects, are much worse than other gender identities of the LGBTQI community. Transgendered lives can not only be described as “a person who feels like trapping in the wrong body”, their experiences, issues, and identities are complex and worth studying. (Morgan & Stevens, 301)
First of all, speaking of concept of the self, identity is a very personal and internal mode that was formed within the society interactively; it is highly related to how the individuals understand themselves, how they understand their relationship with the society and the relationship between the self and body (Gagné & Richard, 61). Thus for all social participants, gender identity is subject to power relations and of how one chooses to present oneself. (Gagné & Richard, 61) The freedom to present oneself, however, is rather difficult to obtain for the transgender community...

... middle of paper ... may endeavor to change them, for example through cosmetics, diet, exercise, synthetic hormones, hair replacement or removal, and cosmetic surgery.” (Gagné & Richard, 305) Same rules apply to the transgender group, as a result, the process of transition happens to almost all the transgender people. Based on the response of the interviewees of Morgan and Stevens’ research, the interviewees all reached a ‘breaking point’ at some point of their lives: they could no longer carry on as the way they always had been; thus the dissonance of body and mind were finally released, otherwise they would choose to end their lives. (Morgan & Steves, 305) In a summary, the development of self identity for the transgendered people is a complex process, and in most of the cases, the transgendered identification gets fully developed before the actual transition of gender takes place.

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