Transforming Life Stages and Special Needs Students Essay

Transforming Life Stages and Special Needs Students Essay

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Special education students have a more difficult time transforming through the stages of the Life Span and Life Course Theories produced by Erik Erikson and Kohlberg, requiring extra help from teachers, parents, and volunteers who can provide the essential knowledge and positive examples. After knowing and understanding the theories produced by Kohlberg and Erikson researchers will have a better understanding of how humans develop and transform into new stages and what it takes for a person to move through stages in life. Through volunteering a researcher can learn first-hand how these theories apply in real life by spending time with special education students. Special needs students require help from teachers and guardians to aid in their transformations which make the developmental stages progress slower; but at the same time more noticeable.

Transforming Life Stages Within Special Needs Students
Cultural imperatives separate a group by who they believe meets the world’s criteria as being “normal.” Cultural imperatives set ethical values and moral standards that separate human race into different life stages which can relate to Kohlberg’s Moral Developmental Theory. When researching the Life stages and human development within a special education class room, cultural imperatives become cultural diversity. Developmental theories such as Erikson’s and Kohlberg’s take place in every human beings life transformation but researching this topic through special needs students allows researchers to better understand how these transformations take place in a child’s life where they are not completely able to understand like a “normal” child could.
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