The Transformations in Bangalore Essay

The Transformations in Bangalore Essay

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Phase 1 transformation
From 1960-1973
During this period the Bangalore city becomes the capital of Karnataka and administrative buildings established and major public sector industries like BEL, BEML, ITI, HMT etc grew. Earlier to 1960 the Bangalore had textile industries like Binny mill, Ramakumar Mills etc., The trading of Cloths was one of the main Business during this time. The urge for land for the residential purposes of migrated employees increased, and many catchment areas and lakes are converted to residential layout. The transport network was in its infant stage with limited narrow roads and fewer vehicles than compared to the present state of affairs. Tongas and bullock carts were used to transport the goods and passengers. People liked to establish themselves in the vicinity of their operating areas. The supply and demand of perishable goods were met by the marginal agricultural fields in the Bangalore city. The agricultural fields, the vegetable gardens the number of lakes made as a true sense of garden city and pensioners paradise during this time. Residential areas like Rajainagar, Malleshwaram, Chamarajpet, Ulsoor, Cox town and the city limit was around four km in radius, during this time the low lying grasslands were unoccupied.
Phase 2 transformation
From 1973-1979
During this time, the industrial production increased and with a large number of small scale industries developed which supplied by- products to major industries. The industrial labor force increased and the construction of small housing societies and the houses for these laborers also increased. Many people migrated to work in industries and construction disciplines. The land value during this time was also low people began settling permanently. Many...

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Space for civic amenities should be given in all the new layouts. Piecemeal development of residential lay outs must be banned, and the Government should take the responsibility of developing the residential layouts. Protection of lakes by leaving a space of 30 m surrounding the lakes and storm water drains.
Exclusive allocation of catchment areas should be done for the public uses like Government office, Schools, Hospitals with at least 80% free space so that the lake will be fetched by clean water.
Supporting technological innovations to reduce the runoff and increase the infiltration should be encouraged. Adoption of water conservation policies in all spheres in must for Bangalore. More innovative and practical use of treated water has to be appreciated. Growth of other middle order towns will reduce the pressure on the exisiting city of croweded Bagalore.

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