The Transformational Theory Of Leadership And Macdonalisation Essay

The Transformational Theory Of Leadership And Macdonalisation Essay

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Leadership and Macdonalisation are two very fascinating topics when understanding how they help Aravinds hospital case. They help understand how the Aravind hospital was run using multiple leadership styles and how its efficiency was multiplied equalling to this social enterprise to becoming one of the best in its field.
This essay will evaluate the use of leadership and Macdonalisation in this social enterprise founded in India that helps millions of civilians suffering with partial loss of sight regain their vision. This essay will narrow down to which specific routes the Aravind Eye Hospital used in terms of how they were lead and how resourceful they have been.
This essay is divided into 3 sections. The 1st gives an overall view of Aravinds specific case. Followed by explaining and applying leadership theories to Aravinds case. Finally, Macdonalisation is described and applied to the case study.
Overall, it is argues that aravind displays the Transformational Theory of leadership and has utilised Macdonalisation (efficiency) to help boost its efficiency from two to seven times.

The Aravind Eye Hospital is an Indian enterprise founded by DR. G. Venkataswamy in 1976, upon his retirement. The hospital has achieved the status of the largest eye care facility in the world, and doctors residing at this hospital execute over 200,000 cataract surgeries to help restore the eyesight of its patients. Surprisingly, 2/3rds of patients are treated free of charge. It would be perceived that the corporation is creating a major loss as these operations arise at a cost. Despite the cost of the operation lying in the region of $50-$300, the company is still highly profitable, due to them manufacturing their very own lenses saving a cosmic ...

... middle of paper ... Hospital has adopted both Leadership and Macdonalisation in efforts of helping the partially/completely blind civilians of India. Dr. G. Venkataswamy adopted the Transformational Theory of Leadership in a bid to motivate and influence his own doctors. He then boosted the efficiency of the company in a number of ways.
The Aravind Eye Hospital has taught us that it is possible to run an enterprise such as an Eye Hospital through means of trust and companionship towards fellow employees. Dr. Venkataswamy has shown this in his enterprise where he inspired doctors to work to levels higher than expected. To reach targets that was never believed to be reached.
We also found out that Aravind had boosted its efficiency in a number of ways. The consistent rate of surgeries completed each day. Also the ability to manufacture and supply cataract lenses at a very high level.

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