Essay on Transformational Learning For Adult & Continuing Education

Essay on Transformational Learning For Adult & Continuing Education

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This essay will address the theoretical bases and functioning of a program that is designed to work with adults (students age 19 and over) who do not possess a high school diploma to help them enter a higher education program. The mission of the program will be carried out in two phases. The first phase consists of assisting adult students with GED test preparation materials and helping them pass the exam. The second phase, which will take place after completion of the first phase, will be to administer a series of college preparation courses, and assist the student with college entrance exams so that they can begin a college degree or certificate seeking program. The following essay will explain the particulars of several key aspects of the GED phase of the program including the importance of learning theories, a description and explanation of the learning environment, and the characteristics of the learners, their exceptionalities, and ways in which those exceptionalities will be addressed within the program. Additionally, the essay will include a personal reflection by the author, describing his thoughts about the theoretical information that has been presented.
Learning Theory and its Importance
For adult learners, there are many factors that must be considered in order to provide effective education. Merriam (2008) states that “Andragogy and self-directed learning are about the individual adult learner” (p. 94). With that idea in mind, the program should be open to the utilization of several dominant learning theories, in an ad hoc fashion, according to the individualized needs of each student. In the GED phase of the program, this high degree of individualization is achievable since each student will work...

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