Transformational Leadership : Being An Effective Leader Essay

Transformational Leadership : Being An Effective Leader Essay

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Transformation leadership: Being an effective leader in nursing

“Effective nursing leadership is a vehicle through which healthcare delivery and consumer demands can be fulfilled (Doody, 2012).” Being an effective leader is such an important part of the work criteria for registered nurses. It takes someone who is able to communicate with their team, confident and passionate in what they do, and most importantly, someone who is caring and will inspire other to do their best every day. Transformational leadership in nursing is a process that motivates your co-workers by listening to higher ideas and the different moral values of them (Doody, 2012). As a nursing student, it is important that I am able to help/inspire clients and patients, and motivate other nurses working around me. The importance of transformational leadership is crucial in creating a good work environment, building trusting relationships with your colleagues, and also the ability to communicate effectively in many different situations.
Transformational Leadership
What does it mean to be a transformational leader? A transformational leader is described as someone who engages in a form of leadership that develops followers through creating a vision that provides meaning and motivation (Jackson, 2012). Transformation leaders constantly face changes that require a leader to be able to adapt and be flexible to those changes (Doody, 2012). A good transformational, especially one in nursing, does many things to help inspire the people working around them. Four of the key behaviours that a good transformational leader in nursing follow are idealised influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualised consideration (Doody, 2012). Idealised inf...

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...d importance on in their careers as a nurse and try and focus mine on similar ones. I can also see how they carry themselves when put in a leader position, and how they act around their other co-workers.
So why is transformational leadership important for nurses? In my opinion, transformational leadership is important for nurses because of the effectiveness of the leadership qualities. By including everyone in decisions, empowering others, and inquiring on co-workers beliefs and morals, it will keep a good relationship between nurses working together, and ultimately, that would lead to the best patient care. When a nurse demonstrates transformational leadership it is beneficial to both the patients and their co-workers. Demonstrating these leadership qualities build a trusting relationship between co-workers. Having a trusting relationship and respect for each other

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