Essay on Transformational Leadership And Organizational Operation

Essay on Transformational Leadership And Organizational Operation

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The use of transformational leadership throughout the study provided me with an effective source of leadership that allowed me the opportunity to lead a group of individuals through a structured work process, where I could evaluate their accomplishments and also, evaluate my own leadership effectiveness as I progressed through this assignment. “Several studies have documented important connections between transformational leadership and organizational operation. Transformational leadership has been linked to an array of outcomes, such as employee commitment to the organization and job satisfaction and satisfaction with a leader” (Roger Givens, 2008).
Jess Collins (2014) states “Transformational leadership has been extensively researched and is widely believed to be the most effective leadership style. Transformational leaders motivate and inspire others to achieve their best. Moreover, I knew that in order for me to have the best results with my leadership conundrum, I needed to know my people. Furthermore, I knew that I also needed to know how to lead transformation in their actions as a recruiter’s.
As I begun to test my leadership conundrum, I focused on ensuring that I motivated each of them as we worked through the phases of the assignment. I believe that positive motivation throughout this process, provided the member of the group with a sense of strength, because they knew that I believed in them, which contributed to their overall desire to work hard in order to accomplish our objectives.
Additionally, the use of transformational leadership allowed me to help develop each recruiter’s intellectual stimulation, which creates the ability for any of the recruiter to create new ways to attract new applicants and increase the...

... middle of paper ...

...was invested into their growth. Furthermore, it was obvious that they decisions that I made as a leader, had a lasting influence on how much effort they would put into doing their tasks more efficiently. Moreover, the use of transformational leadership, helped me to guide and direct the thoughts and actions of the employees.
Once the leadership conundrum was completed, I began to study the data that was collected over the three weeks. My initial impression of the study overall, was that it went well. I believe that if I would have had to recomplete this same leadership conundrum, I would have made slightly different decisions, so that I could have gained a further explanation as to how leadership abilities could influence the development of employees. Additionally, I believe that there are still answers that needs to be met, that I don’t believe I sought to answer.

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