Transformational Leadership : A Transformational Leader Essay

Transformational Leadership : A Transformational Leader Essay

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What is Transformational Leadership?
According to McCleskey (2014) over the past 30 years, Transformational Leadership has been “the single most studied and debated idea with the field of leadership” (p. 119). Over the past 20 years, research on transformational leadership has become one of the dominant leadership theories in the organizational sciences (Beng-Chong & Ployhart, 2004). Although there are several reasons for this, perhaps one of the most important is that transformational leadership appears to be extremely important for modern work.
James Macgregor Burns originally developed the term transformational leader in 1978. Transformational leadership describes a process by which leaders bring about significant positive changes in individuals, groups, teams, and organizations (Warrick, 2011) by using inspiration, vision, and the ability to motivate followers to transcend their self-interests for a collective purpose. Burns description of transformational leadership focused more on leadership skills and takes leadership to a new level of transforming organizations and setting them on a new course of action.
McKnight (2013) explains that Burns defined transformational leadership as an enduring relationship beyond exchanges and agreements that occur when individuals engage with each other in such a way that the leader and follower raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality. While the Transformational Leader seeks overtly to transform the organization, there is also a tacit promise to followers that they are also transformed in some way, maybe even to be more like their amazing leader. In some respects, then, the followers are the product of the transformation.

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...ontext than a typical performance context.
Effective teamwork will have components of cohesion, communication, and team performance. Transformational leaders can create a consensual sharing of meaning (McKnight, 2013) that may be a catalyst for higher levels of commitment and performance. Transformational leaders will loosen authority, delegate and motivate team performance. Dionne et al. (as cited in McKnight, 2013), suggest that transformational leadership is directly linked to team commitment. Transformational leaders can quickly navigate through conflict, keep teams on task, and keep focus of the organizations vision. Transformational leaders can create a culture that is inclusionary and encourages team decision making and behavioral control. It is through this teamwork that sustainable and appreciative change can occur throughout the organization.

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