The Transformation Of The First Living Organism Essay

The Transformation Of The First Living Organism Essay

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Issac Leib Peretz once said, “Time is change, transformation, evolution. Time is eternal sprouting, blossoming, the eternal tomorrow.” In PBS’s Documentary Great Transformations, the transformation from the first living organism to what we are today was discussed and how most organisms have very similar genes and characteristics. How fish used to colonize land and land mammals evolved to sea creatures.
For instance, the whale, the biggest mammal that lives in the water, was found to have had legs and used to dwell on land millions of years ago. While in Pakistan, Phil Gingrich, a geologist and paleontologist, came across a fossil that resembled that of a wolf but had a “bump” on the back of the skull which was found to part of an inner ear, this “bump” in the skull is only found in whales. Gingrich got to thinking that this fossil was a part of one of Darwin’s most dangerous claims, that whales evolved from land mammals.
Whales are one of the few groups of mammals that have really large complicated brains, like us, dominating the oceans while we dominate land. One of the many things that puzzled scientists about whales and dolphins was the way they moved their tail, by moving their spine up and down, just like land mammals. All fish move their spines from side to side, causing the tail to move from side-to-side.
Gingrich tried to return to Pakistan but war had broken out, preventing him from returning. So instead, he traveled to the Sahara Desert to continue his research. The Sahara Desert used to be a part of the Mediterranean Sea, so it was bound to have some remnants of whales. There is a hundred square mile stretch in the Sahara that is referred to as “Valley of Whales”. Within this hundred square miles are tons of stones c...

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...pletely marine, but semiaquatic as we named it. How did it know when to stop evolving? Was it changes in the environment? Or the need for survival? Which brings around another question, how did we go from a planet of just rock and magma, to a planet thriving with life?
Thinking about how it was proved that most animals have the same common ancestor is something really hard to fathom. That there is a type of eel-like-creature that is very similar to a lot of our animals we see nowadays is something really hard to grasp, especially something coming from out of the water.
Then finding out ways to manipulate the different genes of different organisms is a magnificent discovery! Walter Gehring took a certain gene from a mouse and injected it into a fly, how it worked the same and formed the same thing in the fruit fly is an amazing discovery in genetic and evolution.

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