Essay on The Transformation Of Teaching : Why Technology Is Essential

Essay on The Transformation Of Teaching : Why Technology Is Essential

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The Transformation of Teaching: Why Technology Is Essential
In earlier times, the acquisition and spreading of knowledge was not used to improve society. Instead it was used to have control and to exclude certain groups. As one could imagine, there needed to be a change in the way that the education system was set up. In her essay, “Project Classroom Makeover”, Cathy Davidson discusses how the “one size fits all” model of learning hinders students from learning in a new and modernized way. She suggests the notion that using technology to teach and learn can be effective in many ways. Davidson shows that using technology presents the opportunity for a traditional classroom to become more inclusive and creative. The “democratization of knowledge” is the improvement and modernization of how information is taught and learned. Having a modernized and advanced learning system is a vital point for students because they gain insight and experience with what is considered a society dominated by advanced technology. Technology has become a dominant resource in the 21st century which makes it a relevant and essential factor needed to succeed in the world of education and professional fields.
America is a competitive country in many fields, education being one of the main fields which is why education should be modernized. In order for one to succeed in the field of education, one must have a sense of today’s fast paced society. With the use of advanced technology in the classroom, students will be able to apply acquired material to the real world. While the old ways of teaching have worked, this generation demands an incorporation of technology within the lesson plans. But one may ask, if the way in which teachers use to teach, produced s...

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...expectedly, things may need to be handled in ways differently than they normally are. This means that the prior knowledge does not apply to the situation and a different solution is required. One must understand how to keep an open mind about situations so that the result is in his or her favor. Standardized learning does not give students the opportunity to be open-minded because it is strict on what has to be learned. Technology on the other hand, gives students the freedom to acquire knowledge that may not have been taught otherwise. Success requires a lot of work. Individuals must be willing to think and learn freely rather than one set way. Along with individuals’ willingness, the education system must be modernized. This way students acquire the skill of creative thinking which benefits them in the fields of work and education, ultimately leading to success.

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