Transformation of Characters in ‘Ever World. Search for Senna’ by K.A. Applegate

Transformation of Characters in ‘Ever World. Search for Senna’ by K.A. Applegate

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Response-to-literature essay. ‘Ever World. Search for Senna’ by K.A. Applegate
People change. They have always changed, they do change and they will change their personalities throughout their lives. When people are in their childish age they have features such as irresponsibility, moodiness, self-centered, whining, childish fears but by time they change to tolerance, responsibility, intelligence, prudence. Many reasons can provoke for these turns like death of loved ones, self- improvement, disease and many other reasons. In the book called “Ever World. Search for Senna” by K.A. Applegate there are the main characters who face some problems which change them, especially David Levin’s, who was the narrator of the “Ever World”. Entering the mysterious world called Ever World changes the personality of David forever.
David is the main character who is “a junior, not just ‘a’ new kid in school, he was ‘the’ new kid ” who is dating with Senna Wales. As a child he was “jumping around, looking at all the wrong things, missing what he supposed to get and getting things no one else thought were important. When he was 13 he was skate- board trouble guy. Now he does not know who he is .” While I was reading the book he seemed to me as a brave, mature and caring boy. Because of his trouble past a reader may think that he is a coward boy but, in my opinion, cowardice is present in all of us and there is no shame in being a coward sometimes. However, during the novel David tries his best to change from a coward loser to the mature man.
Before being absorbed into the Ever World at the beginning of the novel David seems to be an ordinary boy with usual teenage problems: he fights with his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend to prove that he is worthy to ...

... middle of paper ...

...ver World changed David’s character in a better way – even though he still is a kind, soft and caring guy that loves Senna and cares about her, he also has traits that a real mature man would have like leadership, strength, he keeps his promise to save his girlfriend and does everything to do it, he still has fears but isn’t ruled by them. This novel not only taught David and his friends a lesson but also readers, in this case I learned that people have to be together to achieve the results; if a person makes a promise he must keep it no matter what, and as Leo Buscaglia says: “The easiest thing to be in the world is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. Don't let them put you in that position.” humans need to love themselves just the way they are because each of us are unique and with our limitations we also have the advantages.

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