Transformation and Self-Realization in the Play A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen

Transformation and Self-Realization in the Play A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen

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“A Doll’s House”
In the play “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen, Nora goes through a transformation of self-realization. Nora lives a doll-like existence. she responds lovingly to her husband’s pet names such as “my little lark” or “my little squirrel” (Ibsen, 793). She does not mind playing a role for her husband. As the play progresses, Nora show that she is not a little girl. She understands how business work by taking out a loan behind her husband’s back to save his life. When she is blackmail by Krogstad, her eyes open to her unfulfilled and underappreciated life. she realizes that she been putting on a show for her husband. Nora has pretended to be someone else in order to fulfilled a role for not only her husband but also her father and society.
Ibsen’s play shows a bleak picture of the role women held in society. Nora is well off compared to other female characters of the play but still lives a difficult life because she is in a loveless marriage and her husband is condescending towards her, he says to her “Hasn’t Miss Sweet-Tooth been breaking rules in

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town to-day?” (Ibsen, 795) He treats her like a child before Torvald asked her. Nora “[puts the bag of macaroons into her pocket and wipes her mouth]” (Ibsen, 793). Nora is not allow to have sweets and has to go behind her husband’s back. She is afraid of getting into trouble. Torvald also downplays her asking, “What are little people called that are always wasting money?” She replies “Spendthrifts- I know” (Ibsen, 795). His belief is that a man’s role is to protect and guide his wife, but he acts like Nora’s second father by giving her money and attempting to instruct her on how to behave.
The setting is around Christmas time, and Nora buys a Christmas tree to put...

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...rvald that her duty is to understand herself before she can continue to raise children and being a wife. She owes it to herself to explore herself, ambitions, and beliefs.
The play shows a woman going through transformation, Nora started out playing a child-like role to fulfill her husband’s image of a perfect family, when she was under pressure to save her husband’s life she did whatt she felt was needed which was to forged her dying father’s signature to received a loan. When this crime came to light her husband lashed out on her for risking his reputation, he failed to see that she was merely fulfilling her duty as a wife taking care of her ill husband. Nora had enough courage to understand that her husband did not care for her and saw her as his possession. Her self-realization was that she still needed to grow up and find herself; she was a child-playing house.

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