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Transferring Of A Four- Year University Essays

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Transferring to a Four- Year University
Transferring to a four-year university is one of the most challenging decisions that I must take in my current educational career. Given the fact that money is the primary issue for me to transfer to a four-year degree, I am doing my best to reduce the cost of my next school tuition. As a transfer, international student, I am exposed to many transferring factors, such as legal status, room and board, international tuition payment and many other obligations that raise the cost of my tuition tremendously, which makes it a little bit challenging for me to Pursue my desire degree. Studying abroad was always my goal, no matter what college or university I will be attending. However, the fact that I have made it to the United States and I am attending a Virginia community college, I have many opportunities to reduce the tuition cost of transferring to a four-year school. Pursuing a degree from NOVA saves me a lot of money when it comes to transferring. Many schools that have articulation agreements with NOVA, admits most of the credits if not all, that have been taking at NOVA. There are many schools in which NOVA has agreement with. However, there are few schools that relates to my priorities. One of the most important accommodations the school must provide is scholarships for international students. Second, since I am considering an engineering major, the school has to offer good engineering programs that accommodate my field. Some of these schools are, Virginia Tech University (VTU), Gorge Mason University(GMU), and Old Dominion University (ODU).
My top school choice to attend is VTU, because it is one of the best engineering schools on the East coast. VTU has inspired me and became one of...

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... many international students in many fields. The rate of acceptance is high and the school offers many scholarship opportunities for students. In my case, I am applying to this particular school because they have a marvelous mechanical engineering program in which a large number of students across the world are eager to attend. ODU has its own pros and cons. From my point of view, some of these revolve mostly around the school environment and particularly the location. Another issue that I will face if I attend ODU is the housing and social interactions. Being an international student makes it harder for them to cope with new environments, especially when they have already settled in a fairly new region of the country. On the other hand, I believe that I am willing to challenge myself to attend ODU and will do my best to apply to this school and hope to be accepted.

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