Essay about Transcendentalism and a Celebrity Transcendentalist: Leonardo DiCaprio

Essay about Transcendentalism and a Celebrity Transcendentalist: Leonardo DiCaprio

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What is transcendentalism? Webster says transcendentalism is a philosophy that says that thought and spiritual things are more real than ordinary human experience and material things. The more simplified definition of it is the idea that our spirits have deep connection with. We are more "in tune" with nature and our mood is depicted by nature. So people can come to the conclusion that the “going green” movement and being “eco-friendly” is all a part of transcendentalism, and people who support these movements are transcendentalists. Leonardo DiCaprio, a multi millionaire, lives his life eco-friendly, and donates millions of dollars to protect our environment. By doing this, he is showing that he values the environment and nature more than he values material items, which is part of being a transcendentalist. DiCaprio is also an advocate for the gay rights movement. The other part of being a transcendentalist is the independence of the individual; and in today’s society the gay rights movement has become a great deal and the supporters of gay rights can be considered transcendentalists because homosexuality is interlinked with independence of the individual, which is stressed by transcendentalism.
Leonardo DiCaprio is a committed environmentalist; green products are the only products for Leo. He was the first American to purchase the new Fisker Karma hybrid luxury sports sedan. The Karma uses battery power. Diccaprio can easily afford any car if his dreams, but he chooses to drive a vehicle that is not going to hurt the environment. However, he does not stop there. In 2008, DiCaprio purchased one of the greenest condominiums in New York City. This condo is a LEED Gold Rated building, it includes low emission paints, locally sourc...

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...who can look past society’s structure and be independent in what he wants. The fact that DiCaprio supports gay rights shows that he is indeed a transcendentalist because he is going against society is firmly supporting a movement that society views as being immoral. Individualism is one of the fundamental ideas of Transcendentalism. The idea of thinking for oneself without the restrictions set by society. Individualism inspires free thought and actions based on a persons own values, not the values of others. At the time in which the transcendentalists thrived, many transcendental ideas were not well received by popular culture. Rather than taking this as a sign of defeat, the transcendentalists remained true to their values and continued to advocate their unpopular ideas. By remaining independent an individual is allowed to both retain their identity and expand it.

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