Trans Cultural Communication At Work Essay

Trans Cultural Communication At Work Essay

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Trans-cultural communication at work
A business meeting takes place in Indonesia between the executives: Jonathan from Australia and Batara from Indonesia. The Indonesian company was authentically interested in the Australian company 's proposal. After communications through fax, Jonathan visits the Indonesian company and meets with Batara for the first time. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, the interactions between the Indonesian and Australian partners were influenced by cross-cultural differences. Thus, the different background knowledge generate unshared interests that leads to individual interpretations.

Indeed, in an intercultural business interaction, certain characteristics of the communication can be interpreted individually and lead to frustration. This analysis has identified certain features of trans-cultural communication that diminishes the ability to achieve an effective communication. Failure to create rapport, fixed roles and expectations of rights, misinterpretation of silence, unawareness of intercultural business context, were identified between the executives. Consequently, these factors influence in the perceptions of Jonathan as well as Batara 's.

1. Jonathan: Thanks for the time Batara uh (.) for this meeting (.) as you know I sent that
2. fax to you about three weeks ago and -uh (0.2) was sort of hoping that we could follow
3. through with -uh the President director of your company (0.2), on -uh (0.1) the whole
4. proposal. It was most unfortunately that the meeting didn 't (.) take place (.) that I was
5. expecting this morning (0.4).
6. Batara: Tell me again what it was on the fax
... (Jonathan briefly explains what was on the fax)

This excerpt indicates how the meeti...

... middle of paper ...

...fective intercultural interaction. Negotiations in Indonesia are different from western perspectives. From western business culture, time is crucial to close good deals. Time has to be managed in a the way that initiates negotiations, develops steps to achieve a result and finally close the deal (Indosight 2014). Therefore, Jonathan may have felt the obligation to facilitate Batara 's paperwork by drafting a standard contract (line 7). Hoping that this and the revised plan, would cut time in order to move forward with the negotiations. In response, Jonathan 's may have felt the right to expect collaboration from his Indonesian counterpart. However, Batara explains that consensus is important and it will take more time to discuss it (9-12). From this behavior, Jonathan could interpret it as if Batara personally was unwilling to progress the negotiations (lines 16-18).

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