The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Essay

The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Essay

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In the seventeenth century, slaves became the major focus of trade between Africa and other parts of the world, namely the Americas and Europe. This was known as the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The trans-Atlantic slave trade was an involuntary voyage of Africans from their homeland, across the Atlantic Ocean, to the New World. The trans-Atlantic slave trade caused the deportation of millions of Africans to the Western hemisphere of the world. Millions of captives were shipped to their destinations performing hard labor under terrible conditions. The slave trade was horrific, and the enslavement of the Africans was cruel and dehumanizing. Throughout the world of trans-Atlantic slave trade, the Americas, Europe and Africa were connected, playing a major roles in the triangular trade routes and the Middle Passage. As a result, a connection between masters, traders, and slaves emerged.
The trans-Atlantic slave trade often followed a triangular route. First, European traders set out and would go to Africa’s west coast. There, they could purchase people in exchange for their goods. The captives would then be loaded on a ship, and took a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, known as the middle passage. Once they reached the Americas, or the New World, they were unloaded from the boat and put up for sale, and put to work. After dropping off captives, the ships would then be loaded with items such as sugar, coffee, rice and tobacco that had been produced by slave labor. The ships then returned back to Europe with these goods, and the process would start over again. This shows that the major connections of slave trade involved these three continents, creating the triangle. The European capital, African labor, and American plantations all tog...

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...nomic growth and wealth for entrepreneurs in Europe and the Americas. As a result, modern capitalism and the industrialization of Europe developed. It created an Atlantic connection between Europeans, West Africans, and the colonial Americans. All in all, the trans-Atlantic slave trade was a cruel and inhumane period of time, where Africans were being taken against their will to perform hard labor. Trans-Atlantic slavery created a new global relationship, and reduced human interaction to a commercial relationship, debasing African individuals. Through the world of trans-Atlantic slave trade, the Americas, Europe and Africa were connected through the triangular trade, known as the relationship between masters, traders, and slaves. As the new global economic relationship formed, an unequal slave society developed that categorized humans to sellers, buyers and products.

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