Essay about Trangender and the Bathroom

Essay about Trangender and the Bathroom

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Many may wonder what being a transgender person really is, a lot of people may see or refer to it as someone who has gone gender transformation, or is confused with who they are. The word transvestite is very much used when referring to a person who identifies with the opposite gender, the word 'Transvestite' itself originated in 1910 by the well known German sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld, who also founded the Berlin institute which was where the first 'sex change' surgeries took place. 'Transsexual' was not used until 1949, the word 'transgender' not until 1971, and 'trans not until 1996, but they all refer to the same thing. The idea of being transgender goes as far back as 1503 BC to the Egyptians. It was believed that their second queen to rule would wear male clothing, a beard, in order to create signify that she was a king instead of a queen. A few hundred years later to Rome during 203-222 AD, it was documented that the emperor of that time, Elagabalus, would wear makeup, having eccentric habits, and even acting like a female prostitute, and even reported to give a large sum of money to the doctor who could give him female genitalia. Transgender isn't simply a present issue, it is seen throughout history, yet is still a very versatile topic of conversation, that not many people in today's society are comfortable with discussing.
The idea that will be addressed is the following, "Allowing transgender students to pick bathrooms and sports teams they identify with". When presenting my opinion on this topic I believe that allowing transgender students to pick bathrooms and sports teams with the gender that they identify with, in my opinion is unfair. I believe this because there is a strong focus on the few people who identify ...

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...fied as male at birth] and 1 in 30,000 for biological females [people identified as female at birth].”

In conclusion the present issue of allowing transgender people to choose the bathroom they want to go to , or the sports team in which they want to play in, is a topic that will have both people supporting it, and people against, it's an issue that will create numerous amount of contradictions, and spark a conversation internationally, because it affects everybody.

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