Essay on Traits of Poor Customer Service

Essay on Traits of Poor Customer Service

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Customer Service

We all deal with customer service on some level in our daily tasks. Our experiences are not always pleasant, and I feel that more focus needs be on providing not only just basic customer service but to step it up and provide quality customer service.
While there are both external and internal customers, they both should receive the same respect. Service can be provided thru forms of both written and oral communication. How many times have you received an email and thought, “wow that was rude”? Did you ever listen to a voice mail from someone and think they were totally off base? The tone in which we convey our comments in either form is a direct reflection of us. We may have thought we were being polite, but our tone could have been saying right the opposite.
In this paper, I will take a closer look at traits of poor customer service, how consumers react to poor customer service and the traits of quality customer service.
Traits of poor customer service
Poor customer service usually begins from misunderstanding between the customer and the employee.
Customer service personnel do not always have the customer in mind when they are functioning on their day to day activities. Many times they are dealing with their own personal issues, pressure from not being happy with the job they have, and often the pressure of having to perform at levels they are not accustomed to, just to may an income.
Poor customer service can stem from companies having long convoluted phone systems, long customer hold times, and un-empowered customer service reps to a simple lack of failing to follow up with customers1. Until companies get control of these areas, the representatives they have working for them, cust...

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...ive way they have been treated. This is the best complement anyone can give to another.

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