Essay on The Trait Theory : Understanding The Human Personality

Essay on The Trait Theory : Understanding The Human Personality

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The trait approach is understanding the human personality that identifies and measures the degree to which certain personality traits. The trait theory tends to look at different traits and see whether you have the trait or how you fit into the five dimensions that is being measured. Whether you are more closed minded or open to new experiences it shows which one you are from the various questions you answered throughout the quiz.
Looking at the results from this test how it says about being more closure to close minded then open to new experiences meaning when it comes to something new that I tend to shy away from something that I’m not familiar, sticking to something I tend to be more familiar with then something that’s new. Another trait from the test that I was close to was conscientious when looking into this trait it talks about wanting to do what is right, like one’s work. I think by this it means staying on top of what is at the table, taking care of what’s important and keeping up with what’s going on. Rather than falling behind or losing materials that you’re organize and ...

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