Training Tools For A Restaurant And Unless You And The Staff Take Advantage

Training Tools For A Restaurant And Unless You And The Staff Take Advantage

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Opportunities for upselling come along all the time in the restaurant and unless you and the staff take advantage of them, you are letting money “walk out the door”. Today I wanted to give you some information on how to capitalize on these opportunities to make you more sales, combined with having the right training tools will get you the results you require. Upselling tries to convince customers to buy extra menu items or upgrade their current purchase. “Would you like fries with that?” is the classic example. Sometimes, upselling is also known as suggestive selling. Since the wait staff is not practicing upselling, it is time to show them how. Upselling is one of the quickest ways to improve profits without spending any extra money.
Our job is to train the wait staff to help improve profits by encouraging customers to purchase the following items: cocktails and desserts. At the beginning of the dining experience, wait staff can improve sales by suggesting cocktails. One common upselling technique is for wait staff to ask, “Would you like Grey Goose or Absolute Vodka?” Although the customer can still request Aristocrat vodka, this suggestion increases the chances that they will purchase the premium vodka in their cocktail instead. Just like upselling wine and/or beer at the beginning of service, the same can be done for cocktails. Often, wine sales can be the main factor that increases profit margins but now it is time that the cocktails increase profit margins.
Furthermore, since the wait staff has not been trained on how to upsell, we are not selling nearly as many desserts as we could. All wait staff should offer customers dessert after clearing the plates, describing the sweets in mouthwatering detail. Wait staff can even pl...

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...$50,000 worth of customers a year or training?
Any way you look at it, you pay for training. However, investing in training up front can provide a 10-times or greater return on your dollar. What is more, training is the safest investment you can make. You will spend more money in advertising or layoffs; it may or may not be effective in bringing customers and improving the staff at the company. Training is about improving results with the customers and employees you already have. So before you discount the notion of paying for employee training, ask yourself how much poor training—or the lack of any training—is costing your business. Chances are the answer will surprise you.
—Evan Hackel, CEO of Tortal Training (, an executive coach, speaker and author of “Ingaging Leadership: A New Approach to Leading that Builds Excellence and Organizational Success”

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