Training Programs For Employees ' Professional Skills Essay

Training Programs For Employees ' Professional Skills Essay

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the organizations recruitment goals be achieved with the greatest speed and at the least possible cost to the firm.
4. Building Individual and organizational performance, Human resource departemnts are unique in their potential to grow and develop to meet new challenges. Organizations have come to realize that substantial investments are required to facilitate employee progression in terms of training and developing their personnel. Companies are increasingly implementing different strategies in terms of providing training programs to develope employees’ professional skills. These strategies are step for the employees to grow and learn through professional development and educational assistance programs.

Building individual performance through various skill-enhancement programs plays a major role in the retention of personnel. This, as discussed in the in the paragraph of the importance of HRM, is integral if an organization is to succeed. Frequent changeover in personnel can have a detrimental effect on the overall organizational performance. Also, organizations with a high staff turnover endure sluggish economic growth. Provision of training to employees are characterized in two forms; formal and informal training. Formal training in the organizations is mainly associated with the introduction to a new job; it is also a means of keeping up with the latest technological and procedural changes. Informal training on the other hand occurs on the job and is normally administered by superiors and peers. Some organizations undertake other interventions that operate through the human element and are aimed at enhancing productivity, quality and service. The need to be competitive in a global economy, along with the changing demograp...

... middle of paper ... efficient motivating system through various rewards and recognitions as well as maintain a healthy, highly-skilled, experienced and an superior employee base to create that competitive advantage that is ever so important in competing in the global economy. Engagement of employees to be consistent with the overall aspirations of the organization is highly essential. The human mind works within its capacity towards individual satisfaction regardless of the environment, (in this case the organization) and its needs. It is important that the organization procreates this wishful thinking of employees into one that is more consistent and in line with the organizations interests. This is important to enable the employer/employee relationship to be stronger, mutual and conclusive which is essential if they are to help each other towards a common goal, high profitability.

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