Training Methods And Bring Forward Possible Solutions Essay

Training Methods And Bring Forward Possible Solutions Essay

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During our thesis we will use both quantitative and qualitative researching techniques to help us distinguish the problems associated with IFR training methods and bring forward possible solutions. The research will be done through a variety of methods and investigated from several different viewpoints. These viewpoints will consist of the regulators, the student pilots, the instructors, and the flight training unit. To ensure each area is explored thoroughly, both primary and secondary research will be gathered to ensure a wide but still manageable spectrum of opinions.

We will use qualitative research to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying threats and motives that the current system has brought and will further our knowledge on the topic area. To accomplish our qualitative research we will be using interviews, case studies and observations. The common issues that arises with qualitative analysis are attributed to being more opinion based and thus being more flexible in nature allowing more biased decisions to be made. Arguably, the flexibility can be attributed to the non-statistical research gathered. However as discouraging as that sounds, the benefits from qualitative research are typically found to help generate ideas and influencing hypothesis. Qualitative research tends to be more of an interaction between the researcher and individual, allowing for the researcher to respond and tailor follow up questions as needed.

On the other hand, we will use quantitative research succeeding our qualitative research to allow for a more concrete conclusion to be established. As a result it will be easier to justify our final representation on IFR training methods with factual information over purely opinion based. To con...

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...her research will be observationally based. By observing sim sessions and experimenting with different designs to limit a pilot 's vision we will be able to determine what methods have the most potential and further identify any issues with the current hood methods. Advantages of observing sims and testing methods will be a hands on approach to testing theoretical methods. However, similar to the interview methods, time and scheduling will create a troubling situation.

Finally a great tool to gain lots of information from a large sample size is by using questionnaires and surveys. Questionnaires make gathering information very quick and efficient for all parties involved. Another benefit is being able to use the information and statistically show what a large sample sizes believes. Being able to have concrete numbers will ultimately help define our end goals and a

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