Essay about Training, Learning, and Development Environment

Essay about Training, Learning, and Development Environment

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In today’s training, learning, and development environment the need for continuous training in the workplace needed now, more than ever. Organizations see the importance of training and apply training in different aspects in the workplace. Employers and employee apply many knowledge, skills, and abilities in the workplace. On the job, training and motivation are also important factor that contribute to the training experience. Training, learning, and development play a major role in organizations.
When managers and employees receive training, it increases their knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA’s) so they can improve performance. New employees have expectations when starting new job, believing they will receive sufficient and quality training from the organization. The KSA’s learned by employees and managers are utilized by workers in the workplace in order for them to get the job done with success. Training is important in the workplace, especially when there are expectations, rules, and regulations that must be meeting (Human Resource Management in Public Service, 2013). On-the-job training is both important to employees and managers who oversee new employee training.
On-the-job training, also known as OJT, is one of the most common training in the workplace. OJT does not include classroom-based instructions and can be more effective because not all employees learn the same. OJT is learning while performing the job and applying it in the field. This approach of learning includes formal knowledge, regulations, and other general principles of the actual tasks. An experienced employee, supervisor, or manager is responsible to perform OJT, in which the new employee is going to replace. The OJT trainer is assigned to co...

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...tivation in the workplace. Without these key principles, the workplace would be disaster. These key principles help guide the workplace and provide the KSAs that employees need.

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