Training Is Important For The Best Outcomes For Our Patients And Other Staff Members

Training Is Important For The Best Outcomes For Our Patients And Other Staff Members

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In the world of nursing we are always looking for the best outcomes for our patients and tools to help ensure that we achieve this. The institutions that many of us work for also strive to ensure this and do so in numerous different ways. One of the key things that institutions do is to make sure that their nurses and other staff members do yearly competencies. These competencies are a great way to make sure that nurses stay up to date on their skills and to review how some policies have changed over the last year. This is great way to address questions and see where nurses are lacking skills, but one aspect is never addressed. Training or education on the use of the EHR and the changes/updates is never included in these yearly competencies. The purpose of this paper is to present why training is so important, the lack of training affecting the efficiency of the use of EHR’s, and how nurses feel that additional training is essential. The reason why I choose this topic is because I feel that the EHR is a wonderful tool to help nurses achieve their goal of providing the best outcomes for their patients, but we were never completely educated on how to utilize this tool to its fullest.
In 2004, President George W. Bush began a 10-year initiative to promote the EHR and the concept of electronic documentation became a major priority to President Obama’s agenda also. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) were the leaders in setting out to reduce health care disparities for Americans. It was found that over fifty percent of Americans do not receive adequate health care due to the increasing cost of medical care (OJNI, 2012). The American Recover...

... middle of paper ... shows the importance of EHR’s, how the lack of reeducating nurses can affect the efficiency of using EHR’s, and this issue is shared with other nurses. We have learned that many hospitals are focused on tasks and what JACHO or the DOH wants us to be competent on, but we are not being educated on the main driving force to making sure patients are getting the best outcomes possible. I think that we need to get out of our “comfort zone” when it comes to informatics and have an opportunity to explore what these systems have to offer.
In conclusion, this is an issue that I feel needs to be addressed and I plan on trying to pursue some further education on Cerner at my job. We have all of these wonderful tools to help make our jobs easier by having all the patients’ data right at our fingertips, but many of us do not know how to use it or to access the information.

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