Training At The Chief Petty Officer Academy Essay

Training At The Chief Petty Officer Academy Essay

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I have become accustomed to some very lackluster training throughout my Coast Guard career and to be frank my expectations for the Chief Petty Officer Academy (CPOA) were not very high. As it turned out, CPOA has been the best training I’ve received in my nineteen years of service. Goals and values brought to light the fact that not everyone places the same importance on everything. The training given in public speaking has been highly useful and I feel much more confident in my abilities to address groups of people than before I arrived. The personality and learning styles that were covered in DISC and Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) showed me that how important it is to strategically approach our members to achieve desired outcomes, as a result I feel I have developed greater skills to bring back to USCGC ASPEN going forward.
Before coming to CPOA I had no training in public speaking. While I wasn’t totally uncomfortable doing so, I find that I am much more confident I my abilities to speak to groups now. I truly believe that these skills should be taught to our mem...

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