Essay on Training And Developmet

Essay on Training And Developmet

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Every organization whether operating for profit or for some other ends has a mission, a clearly defined purpose for its existence. An organization must have some strategic plan and an appropriate (complimenting) structure in order to achieve its long term goals and objectives. Strategic planning involves identifying and evaluating the organization's goals and determining what strategies and resources are needed to accomplish these goals.
The organization depends on having the people with the right skills, attitudes and capabilities to effectively reach its goals. HR strategy is concerned with designing and implementing programs, processes and initiatives to attract develop and retain such people (human resources).
Once a potential employee has been recruited, it is not enough to merely introduce him/her to the organization (orientation) and allow him/ her to perform her job in a static manner i.e. not creating an environment were the employee may further grow and add to his/her knowledge and skills thus being able to add value to the organization.
Training is giving employees the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to perform their job.
Development is the continuous process of acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will be needed to cope with changes in job demand or to tackle a job with greater authority and responsibility.
Performance management is a process of defining desired outcomes linked with performance standards for a specified period of time and comparing them to actual results, it is a formal structured meeting were employer and employee compare the employee's performance with what was initially expected from him/her.
Training and development methods may vary (e.g. on the job, machi...

... middle of paper ... the main sources of competition, together they then discuss how to tackle such issues. In a specific situation the two agreed that more advertising was essential and that it should be accompanied by additional sourcing abroad and a further specialization in the higher property market.

Human resources are an organizations most valuable asset. Today the rate of change is greater than ever and organizations must be flexible and adaptive in order to absorb and manage such change. Also downsizing has become popular; this involves having fewer people to do the same work and leads to empowerment. Therefore whether the organization's direction is determined by the environment or by its strategic choice the correct execution of performance management which leads to effective training and development is imperative for organizations to survive and compete in today's world.

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