Essay about Training and Development in Companies

Essay about Training and Development in Companies

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Every company wants to have the best specialists as employees, who through intense study and experience reach a high degree of professionalism. Some companies choose to use training, others choose to use coaching, and others choose to use mentoring. They are all extremely valuable tools for the development of an employee as well as that of a business, but if they are not used properly they could prove to be a waste of time and money. Confucius, a Chinese teacher and philosopher of the 5th century BCE, once said “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.” These powerful words describe what training and development is about. People cannot rely only on what they hear and on what they see. They have to put it in practice. This is where the trainer, the coach, and the mentor come in.

Training is one of the most profitable investments that a company can make, regardless of its size. There will always be educational needs for employees (technical skills and soft skills), motivational needs, or needs for creating a pleasant work environment. But more than that, a company that wants performance will realize those needs, will accept them and will begin to find solutions for them. And most companies don’t even realize that training doesn’t even have to be very expensive. This can be achieved simply by having older and more experienced employees work with the newly hired employees.

Managers that are thinking about developing a training program within their organization should keep in mind the four necessary stages in order to ensure that the program will be effective and efficient. In order to be effective and efficient the managers have to go through the first stage which is the analysis of training. This ...

... middle of paper ...

...ssion the coach and the employee will discuss the most important issues the employee has at that time. The coach can help us better understand reactions and to transform us into what we need to be at work. It's not an easy road, but with every hurdle passed comes better and better results. The coaching process is basically a process of accelerated maturation. With a coach we can set higher goals, and aim for results beyond our normal expectations.

On the other hand, a coach is not a therapist. The coach doesn’t work with personal problems of the employee’s past. Coaches help their employees to move forward, to clarify and to set professional goals. Also, coaches are not consultants. They do not have the answers already prepared, do not give advice, and do not suggest solutions. Together, the coach and the employee draw the process of reaching the objectives.

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