Training a Multigenerational Workforce Essay

Training a Multigenerational Workforce Essay

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Communication among the mellennial’s in interviews has become a problem. Comments are being said in interview consensus meetings that are bringing to light the issue with communication among this diverse group of people. This raises concerns for the basic skills needed to do business within Caterpillar. The baby boomer generation is working longer creating more problems within companies. There is a possibility that up to four different generations could be working for the same organization at the same time (Cekada, 2012).

When interviews are performed there needs to be clear communication between the interviewer and interviewee. This allows for the interviewer to ask the required job related questions and obtain the information for the consensus meeting. The interviewers are stating that some of the answers are not clear and time is being wasted asking additional questions for clarity. This creates scheduling problems with interviews since target selection is scheduled for three different interviews at one hour each. “Today’s employers conclude these skills are most lacking in recent graduates” (Hartman & McCambridge, 2011, p. 22). Caterpillar needs to prepare for this influx of people and how to our organizations HR Mangers and training departments develop programs.

Communication skills are a learned trait that begins early in life. Family meals around the dinner table are important today as it was several years ago. Having simple conversations around a table with family and friends provides essential family bonding, close connections, and learning from each other (Hand, 2014). This simple task of eating with each other allows children to listen and talk about things that happened during their day. This activity he...

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