Trainers Need For Meet The Needs Of The Trainees Essay

Trainers Need For Meet The Needs Of The Trainees Essay

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Trainers need to meet the needs of the trainees. Upon starting the class, I would ask everyone if they are comfortable with the temperature in the room, go over where the restrooms are located, and remind everyone there is a table in the back of the room with bottled water. Next I would ask everyone to turn off their cell phones and close their computers.
Is a trainer I would prepare a needs assessment to deliver what the trainee needs to know and specify what the training objectives will be, and complete a need analysis to make sure the training is proper for the group of trainees attending the training session on Emergency Procedures and Continuity of Operations Plan. Next I would do a training plan that would include goals, research, deciding on the type of training that would be best for this group, and putting together my training materials.
It is always good to be prepared mentally by planning for a potential conflict in a training session. As a trainer, we do not want to have disruptive behavior in a training session that will affect others in the training class, and we also want to make sure that the person being uncooperative will have an equal chance to absorb and learn the material being presented. As trainers, we to address this situation with the person in the room causing the conflict. We need to keep our cool in this situation and collect our thoughts so we can defuse the problem before it becomes a worse situation.
Training can have a positive or negative effect in the work environment depending on the support, cooperation, and feedback that trainees receive from their supervisors and managers once the training is completed. To have positive feedback, it is important for the trainees to be able to use ...

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...ceived positive feedback from them, when trainees do attend training, it creates a negative work environment in the workplace. Peter in the video was an example of this non-support from his manager. If companies are going to provide tools to help employees grow through training, the organization must open these doors for the employees to use these resources at work. According to Allan (2016), “it is important that employees apply the skills they learn during training programs once they return to their workplace. Tending to the structural and interpersonal aspects enables employees to apply the required skills in a consistent and habitual way.” Not supporting employees to grow at work through encouraging training may lead to disengagement and the employee moving on to another company where they feel they may receive positive support and feedback.

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