Essay The Train From Hate Is An Idealized Image Of How Racism

Essay The Train From Hate Is An Idealized Image Of How Racism

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The Train from Hate is an idealized image of how racism was strong and endured by many African Americans during the early years. John Hope Franklin was one of the outspoken and influential writer and author of our time. Franklin sunrise to life was in the year of 1915 and transition to death was in the year of 2009. He passed away at the age of 94. His literary works spoke for itself. He dedicated his life works to the war against racism in the U.S. He became one of the best authors of literary works to many Americans around the world. There were many African Americans whom faced the sword fact of racial segregation for many years. Franklin had become a mere figure of faith and hope for the African Americans who believe in what he wrote. He wanted everyone to know that even though he was subject to the racial abuse, he was going to do all he can to make sure that he got the best education possible despite how white people treated him. He wanted them to know that he could be just as educated as they were. As set-out in the article “The study of culture, ethnicity, and race in American psychology “Franklin’s literary works are characterized by honesty, straightforwardness and clarity in content without leaving any relevant content out.” (Betancourt and Lopez, 629). Because he was fair and unbiased with the work he was known to be one of the best African American authors that wrote literary works in the United States. Going back to one of Franklin best literary work “The Train from Hate” shares the story of what he and his family suffers while riding this train. The story talks about events that happen to his mother while on the train to Checotah. I will show in this essay how Franklin literary works relate to the main point of this ...

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...e of their skin color, the mother informs her child that it’s now always what it appear to be. The coach stopped in the wrong area and yet the conductor had no compassion for the fact that the mother had a small kid with her. Racism will never be really gone in the eyes of some. It may be lawfully removed from buildings, cars and school, but never out the minds of some people. As Franklin continues to write about his experiences, African Americans were ready to read the next best thing that he was writing. Today whites and blacks both have the right to choose and vote for whomever they like. As racism stood the test of time, we as a people and as a country came together to help stop the hate that was taking place. John Hope Franklin will forever have a place in many of the American peoples ' heart for the heart felt why he shared his life experiences with the world.

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