The Trail And Death Of Socrates Essay examples

The Trail And Death Of Socrates Essay examples

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Plato is the man popularized Socrates teaching by staging Socrates as the protagonist in philosophical dialogues called The Trail and Death of Socrates: Four Dialogues. In the dialogue “Euthyphro” Socrates encountered Euthyphro in the courtroom surprisingly. Socrates was being prosecuted by Meletus for impiety because the young man believed Socrates was corrupting the youth of Athens. Euthyphro was a religious expert who has gained a reputation. He was prosecuting his father for a series of charges for murder, which was considered a criminal moral case by the Greeks. Euthyphro was there to convict his father of murder because a man killed a servant in a drunken rage, and his father bound and threw the murderer in a ditch. Socrates stated that Euthyphro has a clear understanding of religion matters, of what is holy or unholy; Euthyphro claimed it. Socrates suggested Euthyphro should teach him religious issues, so he could help Meletus, since Socrates lacked holiness in this case by worshiping gods that cannot assist the state.
There were stages of augmenting to explore the concepts and aim of piety and pious between Euthyphro and Socrates. “Piety is doing as I am doing; that is to say, prosecuting and one who is guilty of murder, sacrilege, or of any other similar crime, and whether he is your father or mother, or some other person, that makes no difference, and not prosecuting them is impiety.”(TDS, P.4-P.5) Euthyphro offered his first definition of what is piety. He believed the way that he prosecuted his father for manslaughter is the way to explain the meaning of devotion. He believed he should do something for people who are guilty of their crimes. However, Socrates disagreed that he believed that is an example, not a fundame...

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...every human has an immortal soul to assess the combinations of types. We could recognize the reality of invisible sides through our rational thought, and we generalize similar objects in one category. The characteristic of a Form is unchangeable, eternal and divine.
The Death of Socrates is a great way of symbolizing what is going on in this world at the time by referencing history. Socrates convicted in a court of failing to acknowledge the gods and corrupting the city’s youth. He was standing up for his ideas; he doesn’t think he did anything wrong, so he take this punishment with honor. He could have escaped into exile, but instead he chose to die by taking the opportunity to teach his final lesson that death is not to be fear. To me and to today’s society, Socrates is a hero because he taught us to question things and taught us to stand up on what we believe in.

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