The Tragic Life of Sylvia Plath Essay

The Tragic Life of Sylvia Plath Essay

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Sylvia Plath
Sylvia Plath, an open minded, free spirited author and poet of a variety of many pieces. All of Plath’s poems are inspired by her personal life and how she viewed it.
According to Plath, “It is a feeling that no matter what the ideas or conduct of others, there is a unique rightness and beauty to life which can be shared in openness, in wind and sunlight, with a fellow human being who believes in the same basic principles” (Sylvia Quotes).
Reveals and proves how free spirited and understanding she was. It conveys that people in your life can be influential, but only to a certain extent; then, it is up to the individual, to find the beauty and love in your life, and to find that in another human being is beautiful. Plath’s life was everything but easy. Plath conveys a myriad of themes in her poems from deaths to upbeat random ideas, which she demonstrates in her poems “Daddy,” “Fever 103,” and “Fiesta Melons.”
Sylvia Plath’s life began on October 27, 1932. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts to the parents of a German and Austrian background. Otto Emil Plath, her father, was an expert on bees, and a professor of German and biology at Boston University. Plath’s mother, Aurelia, had a master’s degree in English and German. Three years later, Sylvia was greeted with a baby brother named Warren on April 27, 1935. Ironically enough, they were both born on the 27th. Plath proved herself a bright, young girl. Her first poem was published at the age of eight. She started school two years prior to everyone else her age (“The Life”). A majority of Plath’s life was spent on the North Atlantic coast near her hometown. “Her parent’s backgrounds and her love for the sea provide much of the imagery for her...

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...erpt from “Fiesta Melons.”
In conclusion, Plath’s style of writing is respectable. She has a way with words that makes her poems flow very smoothly. Plath has written over four hundred poems. Instead of her poems relating to one topic, each stanza she writes discusses a different topic. For instance, in one of her poems, it talks about her father’s death and she somehow related her father’s death to the Holocaust. She did not bring any actual historical evidence or background to her poems, she just implies by her word usage. Her death was tragic; so much so that it was listed on a website titled “Disturbing Literary Deaths,” and described her death in a very straightforward manner. “Sylvia Plath (1932-1963) American Poet- Stuck head in a kitchen oven” (Alternative Reel). Plath was a great woman and deserved a better ending to her life than what it resulted.

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