Essay on The Tragic Heroes Of Shakespeare 's Macbeth

Essay on The Tragic Heroes Of Shakespeare 's Macbeth

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Shakespeare’s most enthralling characters are his great tragic heroes, who are motivated by forces of darkness internally and externally. The tragic protagonist experiences extreme emotions of both love and hate, leading to extreme actions. These feelings can be considered forces of darkness, which drive their actions to a great extent. An integral aspect of Shakespearean tragedy is the tragic hero’s fall from grace, which is often portrayed as an effect of a malicious fortune or fate. Nevertheless, this is due to a flaw in the character, which also makes them great. In Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” characters were driven by fortune, fate, and free will.
One important influence to characters in “Macbeth” is fortune. Fortune is a main factor that drives Macbeth because he is greedy for more power. Early on in the story Macbeth over-hears the witches’ prophesy and is extremely interested to hear what they have to say because the witches have told him that he was going to become the king (Allen, n.d.). This drives Macbeth because he knows that being king will give him great power and wealth. In the beginning of the play Macbeth is satisfied to be a great warrior and when Macbeth has concluded that he will murder King Duncan, a dagger appears floating in the air. The dagger was covered in blood and pointed toward the king’s room. The meaning of this hallucination shows what bloody path Macbeth was about to take. Once Macbeth killed the king, he realized that he was willing to do whatever it takes it keep his power secure (Allen, n.d.). If anybody finds out what he has done he will never have the power he desires. The choices that Macbeth made ultimately get himself killed at the end of the book because of his drive for fortune, he is disl...

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...bsorbed and weak will shows that he is unstable to assert himself sufficiently when confronted by his wife’s manipulation (Stoll, 2010).
In Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” characters were driven by fortune, fate, and free will. Macbeth tends to be indecisive and rash as the play goes on. First Macbeth is manipulated by Lady Macbeth, and then he seems to act very strange as he continues to do evil things to make sure he becomes king. This shows how paranoid Macbeth is when he needs something done. Macbeth is so paranoid that he hires murderers to slay all who oppose him. In the last act Macbeth is thrashing out with evil intensity to everybody around him, and he becomes crueler and crueler even to those who are trying to help him. Macbeth overall was weak in the mind and soul and he was easily taken over by manipulation and choices that drove him insanely eager for power.

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