The Tragic Hero Of Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

The Tragic Hero Of Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

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William Shakespeare’s “Othello” is a clear representation of the downfall of a tragic hero. Set in Venice and Cyprus during the 16th century, Othello, a moor, deals with the manipulative actions of a general of the Venetian army, Iago. Due to losing his desired position of being Othello’s lieutenant to another solider Cassio, he plots is revenge in deviousness. Othello becomes persuaded by Iago 's rumors, framing, and miscommunications, causing him to kill Desdemona, his believed unfaithful wife. In realization of his manipulation by Iago, Othello grieves by taking his own life, his ultimate doom. Although there are various archetypes of the hero, the most prominent in Shakespeare 's “Othello” is the archetype of the tragic hero. A tragic hero is an individual that holds heroic qualities or is of noble birth. The tragic hero undergoes great suffering and struggles against his own fate. Pertaining to Shakespeare’s “Othello” the tragic hero reflects free will, meaning his actions were not of mere fate. Eventually, the individual fails against his epic struggle due to a fatal flaw. (CSUS) Othello meets the criteria of the tragic hero, such as his high position in his culture and relatability to the audience. The tragic hero in this piece is ultimately motivated by the concept of his unfaithful wife accompanied by his lieutenant Cassio. Othello’s actions and orders in efforts of pursuing the death of his wife and Cassio are those of which reveal the theme of jealousy. The dangers of jealousy are exemplified in Shakespeare’s work and its destructiveness is revealed.
Othello is an explicit representation of the criteria that is associated with the tragic hero. For instance, Othello is of a high noble stature and position amongst t...

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... in comparison to other Venetians suggests that the reason for his jealousy is unreasonable. Notably, Shakespeare exhibits that jealousy is unreasonable throughout the play as a result of the tragic hero’s fatal flaw, an issue that is psychological. The action and behavior Othello performs in enviousness is not a source of a reasonable act of jealousy.
Overall, William Shakespeare’s “Othello” is an ideal representation of the tragic hero. Othello’s manipulation reveals his true self, displaying his fatal flaw of insecurity and jealousy destructiveness. However, to spark this destructive rampage, Iago is also a main source to the tragic hero’s connection to the theme of jealousy. By ultimately portraying the traits of a tragic hero, Othello’s shameful death is a result of his nature in response to various forms of jealousy, such as spousal distrust and competition.

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