Essay on The Tragic Hero Of Hamlet And Oedipus

Essay on The Tragic Hero Of Hamlet And Oedipus

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"To be, or not to be: that is the question" (Shakespeare 1750). "Human beings have no part in the craft of prophecy" (Sophocles 1582). Both quotes are part of famous plays. Although the plays appear to be completely different they do have some similarities such as containing a tragic hero. A tragic hero is a character that makes a mistake and eventually leads to their defeat. A tragic hero usually contains at least 5 characteristics such as a flaw (hamartia), reversal of fortune (peripetia), character 's actions leads to a reversal, excessive pride, and the character 's fate is greater than what they truly deserved. Hamlet and Oedipus are both great examples of what a tragic hero is because they both contain flaws, reversal of fortune, and their fate is greater than what they deserved.
Both Oedipus and Hamlet are tragic heroes because they contains all the characteristics needed to be considered one. Hamlet is a prince that had to see his mother get married again after his father unexpectedly died. A ghost appears around the castle and he claims that he is the king. He also tells Hamlet that he was murder which causes Hamlet to become skeptical. In order to confirm what the ghost says he conducts some investigations. It’s through a play, “The murder of Gonzago,” that Hamlet is able to confirm that what the ghost told him was completely true. After Hamlet discovers this he has to decide whether to bring an end to Claudius or let him be. One can consider this to be one of Hamlet’s biggest flaw. Hamlet shows his indecisive side. Hamlet can’t make a decision quickly which eventually leads him towards his defeat and also the suffering of people he is close to. “To be, or not to be” (Shakespeare 1750). A famous quote from Hamlet, but ...

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... eyesight. Although both characters did face a tragic ending they faced it based upon different circumstances.
Both Hamlet and Oedipus can be classified as tragic hero because they meet many of the qualities required to be considered one. Each one of them had a single characteristic that caused their death or led towards it. Both contained a flaw in their character. Hamlet was unable to make decisions which not only led towards his own death but affected other people. Oedipus had a characteristic, anger, which led towards his own death. If both were to be able to prevented their own defeat if they were able to control their flaw. Both plays are not entirely the same so they do have some differences. Hamlet flaw was the cause of his death but for Oedipus there were multiple factors including his flaw that led to his defeat. In the end both suffered one way or another.

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