The Tragedy Of Victor Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley Essays

The Tragedy Of Victor Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley Essays

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No one is born a monster, a monster is created throughout socialization, and the process of socialization starts from the contact with the creator. In the book, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley is wrote with a deep message that touches the heart. This message implies that the reader will not see the story only from the perspective of the narrator, but is also reveals numerous hidden opinions and form a personal interpretation of the novel. Moreover, Victor Frankenstein is the creation that creates the monster, but he could not take the responsibility for his creature, and he was not able to take care of his child or his own creation. He could not cope with this discovery and simply ignored it. The tragedy of Victor and the tragedy of his creature is the same. It is the tragedy of loneliness and confronting the world, trying to find a place in it and deserve someone’s love. The creature would have never become a monster if it got the love it strived for. Moreover, if Victor Frankenstein knew how to love and take responsibility for the ones he bring to this world, he would have never converted his creature into a monster
Consistent with Shelley’s Frankenstein, the creature becomes a real monster through committing a murder. It becomes a murderer whose main goal is to revenge. The creature avenges for having been abandoned by his creator and left all alone in the hostile world that cannot let him simply exist and have somebody to love. Apparently, the creature did not begin its life as a monster but became one after Victor rejected it and refused to realize that he has to take care of this creature from now and forever and be responsible. The creature was born a defenseless being into the world. It was simply born and tried to see the per...

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...g one from the begging became one at the end.
Finally, the real monster is believed to be Victor Frankenstein because he should be blamed for the events leading up to and eventually the death of the monster. No blame should be put on the monster of his creation because he is an experiment. Victor is the master scientist behide the whole operation, and he is supposed to have his creation under control all the time. In fact, it is Victor over ambition to be famous that gets to his head, blinding him of all the possible consequence of his action. Therefore, Victor Frankenstein is the architect of this magnificent plan, but it has turned it all around to something of madness and destruction. The monster is just Frankenstein’s guinea pig, and it has no choice in the matter of the experiment, so he should not be blamed, only Victor Frankenstein should be take the blame.

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