The Tragedy of Mickey and Edward Essay

The Tragedy of Mickey and Edward Essay

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In the play Blood Brothers, Willy Russell hangs his story on the superstition that Mrs Lyons uses to trap Mrs Johnstone in silence: that superstition which the is, that should Mickey and Edward discover their brotherhood, they will both die.

We see a huge contrast between Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone. At the beginning of the play, the narrator describes the Mrs Johnstone, the mother, as “cruel”. As we continue with the text, we begin to comprehend with the characters more fully. Referring back to the scene where Mrs Johnstone allows the boys to watch” Swedish Au Pairs”. Mrs Lyons would not be as permissive or tolerant, the reason for that is because she is a higher class.

The audience will understand that Mrs Johnstone is more capable and has a better understanding of the fact that young boys are sexually curious, and she does not suppress them. As the play continues, we see Mrs Johnston as a more approachable mother, rather than viewing her cruel mother. We tend to sympathise with the difficulty. We see her handle her house full of children with continuous forbearance and with tolerance.

This quote shows the audience this: we see Mrs Johnstone refuse money from the determined Mrs Lyons, which I think is the climax in the play.

Mrs Lyons: “Thousands… I’m talking about thousands if you want it, and think about what you could do with money like that.”

Mrs Johnstone replies: “I’d spend it; I’d buy more trash that’s all. I don’t want your money. I’ve made a life here. It’s not much of one maybe but I made it”.

As shown in the above, Willy Russell use foreshadowing because Mrs Lyons sees money as a solution for Mrs Johnston’s situation. Mrs Lyons is seen with more authority. We feel that she does seem to lose control ...

... middle of paper ...

... because she has lied to her husband ,friends and family and even Edward being her own son. Mickey feels guilty about the lack of support for himself and his family (Linda and Sarah) he relays on Mrs Johnstone to support him.

Mostly the beginning of this play is significant; we have knowledge about the tragedy at the end because the separation of Mickey and Edward is going to end in tragedy so we force the separation as a bad idea.

Fate is included but I think superstition is responsible for the tragedy Russell explores the ideas of fate to create dramatic irony for the audience to foreknowledge twin’s grim fate. Mickey and Edward childhood games of gun fights as intense as we already foresee the death-scene. To conclude I have considerably enjoyed studying the passage recommend it to student and teachers it`s wonderful and adventures the book is enthralling.

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