The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare Essay

The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare Essay

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Imagine yourself listening to a political debate, undecided as to which leader you agree with. One candidate begins to speak about unjust societal issues, such as the horrifying amount of people in the world that do not have food on their table. The candidate also begins to touch upon the topic of taxes and how he will lower them if he is elected. You find yourself being persuaded in the direction of emotions and morals. The power of language used to appeal others is not only present in the modern world, but also in the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, written by famous English playwright William Shakespeare. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar portrayed a story of how an aspiring leader, Julius Caesar, is assassinated by a group of schemers, lead by Marcus Brutus, who disagreed with Caesar’s decrees and ways of governing. Over the course of the text, it demonstrated the use of two rhetorical charms: ethos and pathos. While ethos refers to the moral and ethical appeal and pathos invokes to the emotional aspect, each one was evidently shown in the funeral speech for Caesar given by his best friend, Mark Antony. Prior to Antony’s speech, Brutus had given the plebeians a synopsis of what had occurred. However, Mark Antony knew that what Brutus had told the plebeians was false. In such manner, he allured the plebeians onto his side of the tragedy by touching upon ethical and emotional appeals.
To begin with, Antony steered the plebeians into a emotional direction, also known as the rhetorical approach, pathos, to verify why the assassination of Caesar was undeserved. Antony used pathos throughout his speech to stimulate emotions in the plebeians, gathering pity and sympathy for their leader Caesar, who was dead. He portrayed this as he too...

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...g the crown proved to the Roman people that he was a humble man and not hungry for power. He was offered to be given the highest title of power, but yet, he declined it three times. Although it would have been easy for him to accept it, he believed it was morally right to reject the offer. This decision by Caesar was effective as it served as evidence to the people that his character is filled with elements of modesty.
Undoubtedly, Mark Antony proficiently persuaded the plebeians into reconsidering their current stance against Caesar by the rhetorical appeals of pathos and logos. With the use of pathos, Antony directly touched the emotions of the people by stating how greatly affected he was by the death of Caesar and how he did not deserve to die. Next, by the use of ethos, Antony reminded the people that they once loved Caesar and that he was a morally good human.

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