Essay on The Tragedy of Julis Caesar by William Shakespeare

Essay on The Tragedy of Julis Caesar by William Shakespeare

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In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, struggles occur between major characters, such as Caesar, Brutus, Antony, and Cassius. These towering political and military figures serve major roles in the play. For example, Brutus is a powerful supporter of the republic, and becomes the tragic hero of the play. Antony is Caesar’s close companion who brings about the undoing of the conspirators, and Caesar is a godlike being, who has just return from his defeat against Pompeii. However, the plebeians, or common folk, eventually serve a greater role. In the democratic government of Rome, the citizens influence politicians. Yet ironically, citizens are actually the ones being manipulated in the process.
Although the plebeians are under the impression they strongly influence the politicians, the politicians indirectly manipulate the people’s opinions. After the assassination, the plebeians are shown to contradictorily sway from Brutus at first to Antony subsequently. Brutus explains why he acted against Caesar: “ not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more” (3.2. 20-22). Due to a lack of intelligence, they immediately dismiss the harsh crime Brutus committed, and instead praise him. Although it may seem like the people are influencing Brutus’ to provide reasons for his actions, it is just a tactic being used to persuade his audience, much like Antony and Brutus are competing for office. It is important for the politicians to manipulate the plebeians because, although lower class, they still have the power to riot against the officials. Thus, if the citizens disagree with a certain politician, they can overthrow him to show their distaste; whereas, if they like the politician, they will promote and spread his posi...

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...r, despite the ridicule, the plebeians continue to celebrate Caesar, supporting his ultimate rise to power. This suggests that although powerful roman citizens may disagree, the common peoples’ opinion outweighs all. Another instance when power of speech is portrayed is during Brutus and Mark Antony’s speeches after Caesar’s death. After Brutus’ speech, a citizen yells, “Let him be Caesar” (3.2. 20-2), which could of swayed other plebeians to back behind Brutus. The words of one citizen could influence other’s opinions.
In conclusion, although the plebeians seem to hold the right to affect the politics; they are not aware of the affects that might occur to them. For instance, by influencing Brutus and Antony, they indirectly put themselves in a position to be manipulated. Therefore, the biggest influence the citizens could have, would be none at all.

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