The Tragedy of Human Trafficking Essays

The Tragedy of Human Trafficking Essays

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No nation is immune from the curse of human trafficking. All the countries across the globe it may be the most powerful nation also to the simplest of nations are not safe from modern day slavery or known as Human Trafficking. Some nations are not even familiar with the true definition of what human trafficking is. As the main contributors to human trafficking are people within the border one nation or in another country as they do these hideous crimes mostly because of money. Now a day’s most of the nations are coming together to learn more about the modern slavery and how to battle it internally and externally. Each year, thousands of women and children fall in the hands of trafficker as they are lured into the hands of traffickers by there friends, family or loved ones, and the human trafficking affected people go through exploitation of prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery or exploited through removal of their organs. People need to be made aware of human trafficking as the illiterate and poor people cannot prevent themselves from these dangerous people certain awareness must be created to safeguard these people. So awareness must be created among people in order to prevent these situations.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 2
Summary 3
Introduction 5
Human trafficking 6
Background 7
Why would any sane human being would do such a crime? 8
Statistics 8
How this process works? 9
Where can these victims be found? 9
Main issues 10
Relevant International Agreements, Conventions, Organizations and Resolutions 11
What could be done to prevent it? 13
References 15


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