Essay about The Tragedy Of Grief Counseling

Essay about The Tragedy Of Grief Counseling

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What do the overwhelming feelings of intense anger with the world, denial, potentially paralyzing fear and anxiety about what is to come have in common? They are all potential symptoms that an individual can battle when faced with a tragedy. In this case, my client, Bruce Wayne, has just recently dealt with the trauma of witnessing his parents being murdered in cold blood. Undoubtedly, even though the majority of people cannot begin to fathom what Bruce is going through, any person can point to this as a horrid tragedy that could have dire impacts on any adult, let alone a young child. For this reason, it is imperative that my client undergoes a process of effective counseling, and is treated with warmness, acceptance and empathy. As this tragedy can possibly be giving Bruce a complex myriad of emotions and struggles, the counseling process should be multifaceted for him. Grief counseling, along with an emphasis on positivity, would be a smart approach to this situation, and because Bruce both demonstrates high intelligence and shows great interest in intellectual matters, existential counseling could possibly be a highly effective option to use as well in counseling him. These approaches would not only highly benefit Bruce in his struggles with coping with the death of his parents, but also help him stay engaged with the process to ensure that he is active in the process of improving his life. Tragedies can be highly detrimental to anyone, especially to a young child, but with effective help coming from empathetic people including counselors, people can become even better than they were before the tragedy struck.
In counseling Bruce Wayne, it would be a mistake to overlook the symptoms that may come out of this tragic event. For...

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...s, he will not only overcome the pain of the loss, but he will also learn to live out the memory of his parents in positive ways. In doing so, he will create a link between himself and his parents. With this knowledge also comes power, and Bruce will have a reason to live that is even stronger than his original thought about his reason for being in this world (Tyson, 2013). He will also feel that there is meaning even in the worst of times, which will help him establish a will to live that will eventually help him when others would break down and potentially give up (Tyson, 2013). When someone is living out their lives in honor of someone who has passed on, instead of allowing the deceased loved one’s death to destroy them, there is a greater sense of meaning and willpower that is not easily understood by someone who has not lived through such a situation.

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