The Tragedy Of Greek Theater Essay

The Tragedy Of Greek Theater Essay

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The tragedy started at the City Dionysia, in the sixth century B.C.E. In the Greek theater, Dionysus is thought to be the son of Zeus. His mother was the powerful goddess, Semele, a mortal. However, Zeus wife, who was also his sister, Hera, was very jealous. She played a trick that ended up killing Semele. We have studied how this was accomplished in prior chapters, so These details of how Hera accomplished the killing of Semele, I won’t cover it in this week’s homework.
What Hera did want was to kill Dionysus. She had some of the Titans rip him to pieces. However, with the help of Rhea, Zeus was able to save him. Because Zeus know that Dionysus was going to be in continued danger, he sent him to live with Hermes. From there, we read that Hermes took Dionysus to Mt. Nysa and there he was raised by some half-goat creature with some elements of humanness. This is known as satyrs, in Greek theater. Dionysus is always associated with rebirth.
Four times out of each year people all over Greece would come together to worship Dionysus. They would usually sing and dance and show themselves in a state of “madness” as a tribute of worship. They did this because Dionysus was believed to have discovered wine and how to make it from grapes; and with that could come drunkenness known as “madness” along with drinking too much. In this acknowledgment and honor of theatrical satyrs, wine would be consumed and the men would dress up as satyrs.
This procession for the dramatic theater was of much importance to the Athenians and Greeks. A large numbers of individuals from all over attended the parade. The procession itself was a show, and intended as a reenactment of Dionysus ' journey to Athens. This would include the tragedies, satyr plays, and c...

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...ow than her husband is because she has a lover as he had one with Cassandra. Maybe she was having an affair before her husband ever did. In fact, perhaps that’s why he put her down in how she managed their home.
I’m not sure if Agamemnon knew Clytemnestra was having an affair while he was away, fighting the battle at Troy. However, maybe she had the affair after he sacrificed her daughter on the way to Troy and the first way she could think of repaying him was an affair as she had with Aegisthus. Clytemnestra seemed to choose him to be her lover because she knew that he did not like Agamemnon and held a grudge against him over the crime of Agamemnon’s father, Atreus. Because of that crime and her hatred for her husband she joined with someone else who had a hatred for her husband too. This could have made her even angrier with both of them were angry with Agamemnon.

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