The Tragedy Of Death And Destruction Essay

The Tragedy Of Death And Destruction Essay

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They say death and destruction is caused by a great evil. However, moral acts reflect on those whose future greatly depend on them. - Jeremiah

There is a god that no one dares to mention. They say he is in the shadows of the mortals devouring the nightmares of children. He causes depression and suffering for mankind, however his doing only reflects from the actions of humans. His powers happen within seconds or years. His name is Leviath god of death and destruction.
As Kronos was devouring his children, one escaped into a world of darkness. He avoided contact with any supreme lifeform for many centuries. During this time, Zeus, god of the sky and king of the gods defeated his father, Kronos and saved the other gods. Zeus created Mount Olympus as a safe heaven for the gods.
The most powerful gods Zeus, Poseidon, god of the sea, and Hades, god of the underworld went to their realms to rule their land. Hades grew angered by the fact that Zeus was the idol figure for the gods and had unbelievable power. He decided to clash with Zeus for the control of the gods. Eventually, Zeus defeated Hades and banished him to his underworld forever. However, what Zeus really meant was that Hades was forbidden to return to Mount Olympus.
As Hades fell into the world of darkness, he awoke Leviath. Leviath was angered by this and searched for the one who disturbed him. He eventually went to the realm of the underworld. Leviath search endlessly until he came across Hades’s palace. There Leviath aggressively confronted Hades’s. Hades thought Leviath was just lost soul looking for trouble and simply ignored Leviath.
Angered by Hades, Leviath simply raised his hand and looked in the direction of the great Cerberus, the three headed hell hound...

... middle of paper ...

...d scent Zeus flying. Zeus grabbed a sword and charged at Leviath.
The battle commenced for a long time. It had seemed both gods held equal power. When Zeus realized that the battle would never end he asked the other gods to share their power. The gods raised their hands and gave Zeus tremendous power. Even Hades contributed because he knew nothing would stop Leviath. Once Zeus retrieve this great power he rose up and grabbed Leviath. He banned Leviath from all worlds and sent Leviath to Kronos. There Kronos spent the rest of eternity with his father, the one who caused this horrific beast.
Zeus gave more power to the gods once Leviath left. Soon they revived the realms damaged by Leviath and things returned to normal. However, Leviath left causing life to eventually end and uncontrolled destruction that would randomly kill hundreds or thousands of innocent lives.

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